The platform for sustainable and profitable real estate management.

Predium helps you to achieve your ESG goals faster and more cost-effectively.

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Understand the status quo

Data on buildings, consumption, CO2 emissions, tenants, and climate risks are usually either scattered across different sources or not even available at all.

Predium makes ESG easier from day to day

Automatic calculation of consumption and emission values
Forecast for the development of energy costs and CO2 taxes
Risk assessment of the buildings based on CRREM
Assessment of taxonomy compliance according to articles 6, 8, and 9 of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Plan and simulate measures

The status quo is known. Yet achieving a climate-neutral status for all buildings simultaneously is financially unfeasible. The challenge lies in determining which measures to take and when to take them, but information on costs, savings potential, and possible subsidies is often lacking.

Predium helps to make economically and ecologically sensible decisions

Proposed measures for individual assets as well as entire portfolios
CO2 and cost calculations demonstrate the efficiency of individual measures
Optimization of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and financial performance
Strategy development to achieve legal, climate, and financial targets

Communicate progress

To ensure effective decision-making, investors, boards of directors, regulators, and other stakeholders must have access to up-to-date information on the ESG and financial performance of their buildings. Unfortunately, this information is often fragmented and scattered among various parties and sources, making it difficult to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the situation and determine the appropriate next steps.

Predium facilitates communication through automatic reporting features

Available information is collected automatically
Meaningful reports on ESG and financial performance (e.g. GRESB, ECORE, DNK)
The communication of the achieved goals, upcoming tasks and expenses
Individualized reports for different target groups

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

“Predium makes it easy to monitor the ESG performance of our Article 6, 8, and 9 funds. The Predium Action Engine enables us to make informed decisions on how to improve the energy efficiency of assets as part of our manage-to-green strategy and how to allocate our financial resources best. This is how we maximize ESG impact and value creation with Predium. Predium also keeps our investors up-to-date on the potential risks of stranded assets and the strategies we use to manage and enhance the value of our buildings.”

Nanette Hoppe
Director of Sustainability and Project Management
Deutsche Investment

“We were looking for a way to make our sustainability reporting easier and more efficient. We wanted a solution that can help us collect data on our building's energy use and ESG performance, and allow us to quickly analyze this information and identify opportunities for improvement. With Predium, we have found a solution that does not only help us do all of this, but also converts our ESG data automatically into different reporting formats. Our team is excited to be able to focus more on taking action, rather than spending time on manual data entry and analysis in Excel.”

Paul Wrobel
Senior Asset Manager

"Predium has shown us that old buildings and sustainability are perfectly compatible. The platform enables us to record and analyze all ESG-relevant data of our properties in the shortest possible time and thus helps us to quickly gain an overview of the status quo of our projects - both in the portfolio and at an early stage in the acquisition process. This enables us to identify renovation measures and also check and prioritize their best possible impact on the CRREM paths. We can also save avoidable costs, for example for energy or CO2 emissions. The holistic solution and personal support from Predium enables us to implement ESG holistically, practically and efficiently, and our team has more time for our core business."

Murat Cebeci
Project manager, project developer and ESG officer 
Murat Cebeci, FORTIS



We accompany our customers step-by-step in the successful implementation of ESG.

Joint kick-off meeting for status quo analysis
Guided onboarding with a key contact person
Seamless and easy data import from various sources
Proactive customer support with expert knowledge on topics such as regulation and action planning
Knowledge sharing through Predium's network

Why you should talk to us?

In an initial phone or video call, we will address your current challenges, such as rising energy prices, CO2 tax, EU taxonomy, and help you assess planned measures. This allows us to determine how we can help you make economically and ecologically sound decisions with Predium.

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